The SunnyWood V-Groove Solution

Why Choose SunnyWood: The V-Groove Advantage You can see the difference in SunnyWood quality!

With more than 25 years experience building quality cabinetry collections. SunnyWood stands apart from the competition in our attention to the details. Our door construction is a hallmark of the attention to detail that is evident in each SunnyWood collection. See our V-Groove Advantage below: The Competition’s Problem

SunnyWood’s V-Groove Wood is in a constant process of expanding and contracting. Heat, cold, humidity, and every- day use takes it toll on wood products. However, painted finishes are especially prone to finish defects that are caused by the uneven cracking of the painted finish as the wood expands and contracts beneath it. See the example to the left of a solid wood framed door which is typical of our compet- itor’s products after these jagged cracks appear. Many warranties have disclaimers regarding this sort of issue. But, the consumer could be very disapprointed when this eventually happens to their cabinets. SunnyWood has a solution to this problem. In an effort to minimize the effect of wood’s natural expansion and contraction, we expertly machine a small “V-Groove” along the joint line of the door frame. This creates a small groove that the joint sits in below the surface of the door frame. A shadow line is created that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the door and it greatly minimizes the effect of any movement and cracking of the finish. In this way, the long-term look and finish quality of your SunnyWood painted cabinets is ensured for years to come.

SunnyWood - The difference is in the details.

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